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Photography Ala Carte

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Photography Ala Carte


Frequently asked questions

Where do you live and do you travel for photography projects?

We're based in Singapore. Yes, we take oversea overseas projects as we serve clients all around. We do overseas actual wedding day photography, overseas pre-wedding photography, events and birthdays as well.

What is your style?

We capture the intangible moments and bring out the stories during actual wedding day photography. Wedding photographers always encounter with unpredictable lighting situations with significant time constraints. Thus, being able to adapt to different situations, anticipate the beautiful moments and use of suitable lighting techniques are crucial to produce memorable and artistic photographs to my clients. Furthermore, we also look for the design elements like lines, shapes, forms, textures, colours and other on-location props to make your wedding photography striking.

Do you provide make up artist, gown and suits?

Yes we do. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. SnJ Wedding Services is a bridal company that provides one-stop service in mass volume. I believe that every couple is unique and the same goes to their pre-wedding photography and actual wedding day photography.

I do not like to pose. Do I have to pose?

For actual wedding day photography, we appreciate the natural expressions and we focus on bringing out the true stories of your wedding day. However, we will give you some guidance when it comes to group photos. This is just to make sure everybody is clearly seen and not blocked by others in the photographs. For pre-wedding photography, we prefer lifestyle photography to show your love story. we will bring out the best of you by giving some simple guidance in posing. The main objective is to control the direction of lights.

What are your rates?

Our rates are $100/- per hour (Ala Carte) and $90/- per hour taken with bridal package. You may contact me using the Contact tab. Your email will be replied within 48 hours. If you do not receive any reply from me, it could be diverted into your spam mails.

Do you edit all the photos?

Yes, all the photos are edited one by one. We do not do batch editing as every photo is different in terms of style and cropping.

Do we receive the unedited or raw files?

Post editing is part of our service. Our style includes pre and post photo shoot. Images are edited and tweaked according to our style and delivered to our clients. Raw files are too raw to be given. It’s just like the chefs will not be asked to present uncooked food to their clients.

When can we expect to receive our photos after the wedding?

4 to 8 weeks to process your photos. All the photos will be uploaded to our online client galleries. You can share the happiness and memories with your families and friends by using the given URL. You can also give us testimonials if you have any feedbacks on our services.

Have your shot at my wedding venue before?

No worry. I will arrive early on the day or recce the place before the wedding to scout out the best lighting and location for shooting.